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Creature from the Black Lagoon L-4

       Version L-4
       Date: February 17, 1993

Changes from revision L-3:

         Fixed condition where Status Report could be invoked during Tilt.

         Changed Match percentage for France to 8% (was 7%).

Version L-3 Date: January 27, 1993 Changes from revision L-2: Fixed coinage logic for dollar bill validator. It used to only give 5 credits instead of 6 if two dollars were inserted.
Version L-2 Date: January 8, 1993 Changes from revision L-1: Updated some French translations. Fixed some logic with timestamps.
Version L-1 Date: December 30, 1992 Initial release to production. Changes from revision P-3: Added French translations. Implemented new default US coinage (4 cred/$1.50, 6 cred/$2.00)
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