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Congo 2.10

       Version 2.1
       Date: October 7, 1996

Changes from version 2.0:

       Fixed a bug in the ball save adjustment so you can now turn ball
	 saves off.

       Fixed a bug in the attract mode display for multiple replay levels.

       Fixed skill fire display effect.

       Improved plunger initilization at powerup.

       Changed buy-in to allow for more time if money is inserted.

       Improved printer support.

Version 2.0 Date: February 8, 1996 This release of software facilitates the development of the kit version of the Congo playfield. This version works with the following sound revisions: Sound rev 1.0 or 1.0-kit This ROM automatically detects the WPC or WPC-95 hardware and will work with either system. Note: Games that do not have the new WPC-95 hardware also require the use of the 1.0 Kit sound ROMs. These are a special copy of sound version rev 1.0 made using 4 meg ROMs. Changes from revison 1.3: Added some sounds to match. Added more French adjustment and audit translations.
Version: 1.3 Date: January 4, 1996 This version works with sound rev 1.0 Changes from revision 1.1: Update to apple version 3.54 to provide serial interface support on WPC-95. Revised Paramount logo with the words "A Viacom Company".
Version: 1.1 Date: December 12, 1995 This version works with sound rev 1.0. Changes from revision 1.0: Fixed a test mode display glitch.
Version: 1.0 Date: December 11, 1995 This is the release of software for production. This version works with sound rev 1.0: Changes from revision 0.3: Added lamp, display and sound effects. Changed coin meter test time to 64ms. Changed loop gates to make them raise faster. Fixed a player 1/player 2 score overlap. Changed plunger to prevent extraneous firing at power up. Fixed an incorrect report of gorilla standup switch errors. Added Novice Mode. DEFAULT: OFF Fixed buy-in adjustment so it does not get turned on when pricing is changed.
Version: 0.2 Date: December 11, 1995 This is the first release of software for production of sample games. This version must be used with sound revision 0.4 or later: S2: Checksum: 4D00
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