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High Roller Casino CPU and Display BIOS / Eprom Chips

    Software Release      3.00
Date                  03-Dec-2001

hrccpu.300    checksum $90FF

Display ROM
hrcdispa.300  checksum $74B3
hrcdispf.300  checksum $C242
hrcdispg.300  checksum $F3F6
hrcdispi.300  checksum $5449

- Game plays and feels a lot faster now thanks to all this.

- Switch scanning rewritten.  Matrix still scanned 2 cols/ms, but all
  debouncing is done by exec now.

- Fixed switches not dispatching if they closed and opened before exec
  had a chance to process them.

- Sound system bugs, particularly related to followup %age, fixed.

- Added statistical analysis of switch closures, which allows detection
  of both hyper- and hyposensitive switches.  It also allows software
  compensation for broken switches, based on legal opinion.

- Reorganized adjustments and resets.  Adjustments that weren't really
  adjustments are gone now, with the exception of custom message and
  the pricing editor.

- Added Portals "Installs" menu, which will affect a number of adjustments
  without needing to reset audits.

- Duty-cycling for all coils implemented.  Duty updated every 2ms with
  resolution as low as 1/16.

- All adjustments now do what they're supposed to do.

- Roulette wheel logic vastly improved.

- Switch scoring changed.  Probably generally higher now.

- Spinner rule FINALLY behaves as it should now, maxing at 20 spins to
  increase Bonus X.

- Added a call to some multiball ready music.

- More display effects for Casino Frenzy.

- Skill Shot Maxed bonus added.

- Game now works correctly with <3 balls installed.

- If player is given Multiball from Roll'n'Win, then any pending Casino
  Frenzy or Break the Bank is aborted, and the player must shoot for it
  again after multiball is over.

- Every major event should have a lamp effect now.

- Added controlled lamp duty cycling!

- Fixed an ancient Roll'n'Win LEFF bug that would scrawl.

- Added grace-grace periods for multiballs.

- Retimed a bunch of events with the newer faster system.

- Finally did Instant Info.

- Added coindoor ballsaver feature and adjustment.  Currently, the game
  must be on free play for this adjustment to work, but this will likely
  change in the future.  This adjustment, when enabled, will ballsave
  any balls that are currently in-play for 2 seconds per ball, UNLESS
  the ball save timer is already longer than that (in which case the
  timer is unchanged) when the coin door is opened.  Balls are then
  relaunched when the coin door is closed again.  If the game is in
  Tournament Mode, then this behavior will ALWAYS occur, regardless of
  the setting of this adjustment and the free play adjustment.

- Added adjustment for flipper button ball launching.  This is intended
  primarily for disabled people; valid settings are LEFT FLIPPER, RIGHT
  specifies which flipper button(s) will autolaunch the ball when the
  game is waiting for the player to plunge the ball.

- Added non-valid-playfield ball search.

- Now check the shooter groove when playfield goes valid, and fire
  kicker if ball is there.

- Added game start ball search, though it is probably pretty rare that
  it will actually occur because powerup ball search and in-game ball
  search both correct the current balls-installed count.

- Added total pages for every multiball and super mode.

- Flipper button debouncing and dispatching totally rewritten.

- Fixed replay level adjustment display bug.

- Added tech alert alerts to coin door open and powerup.

- Fixed changing replay award type turning off match.

- Revamped powerup ball search.

- Added display effect for powerup ball search and for in-game ball
  search starting with ball search #2.

- Added slot machine hurryup award display effect.

- Added director's cut display effect for attract mode.

- Retimed attract mode effects so they don't go away now.

- Retimed many events and their grace periods, and added grace-grace
  periods to same.

- Retimed ball search.

- Fixed flipper hold-power fire if held when they were inactive.

- Fixed game start speech calls.

- Improved flipper choice time wait.

- Probably some other stuff too.


Software Release      2.10
Date                  04-Apr-2001

hrccpu.210   checksum $19FF

- Fix for French multiball ballsaver exploit issue.

- Fixed problem where bonus wouldn't count total chips above 255 correctly.


Software Release      2.05
Date                  06-Mar-2001

hrccpu.205    checksum $0EFF

- Fixed replay bug.

- Changed priorities of Roll'n'Win awards for better choreography.

- Changed some defaults for French machines.
  - Replay now at 14%.
  - Replay starting value now 200M.


Software Release      2.04
Date                  23-Feb-2001

hrccpu.204    checksum $8DFF

- Implemented tournament mode (nothing is random when enabled).

- Fixed some Multiball System issues.

- Implemented AYBABTU easter egg.

- Ball search now held off when Roll'n'Win awards "Collect Bonus".

- Casino Frenzy jackpot now caps at 10,000,000.

- Break the Bank scoring increased.

- Break the Bank ramp timing made slightly more difficult.

- Game now checks top slot machine opto for a ball sitting there.


Software Release      2.03
Date                  09-Feb-2001

hrccpu.203    checksum $EEFF

- Changed default extra ball setting from 2 Casino Games won to 3.


Software Release      2.02
Date                  08-Feb-2001

hrccpu.202    checksum $EEFF

- Implemented Display Effect stacking, so that extra ball lit, replay,
  and special will almost always show up now.

- Fixed Roll'n'Win "?" award display.

- Fixed Break the Bank staying lit across games.

- Added a Lamp Effect for Roll'n'Win.

- Added attract mode flipper speech.

- Added speech for high bonus counts.

- Chips cap at 100-chip increments until Break the Bank is played.

- All ramp shots now award ramp points and awards.

- Fixed Super Loops double-scoring bug.

- Fixed spurious awards at the jet post opto.

- Fixed Lamp Effect priorities.


Software Release      2.01
Date                  30-Jan-2001

hrccpu.201    checksum $7AFF

- Games can start with <4 balls in trough now.

- Potential game-crashing diagnostic bug fixed.


Software Release      2.00
Date                  29-Jan-2001

hrccpu.200    checksum $77FF

Display ROM
hrcdispa.200  checksum $13EE

Sound ROMs
hrsndu7.100   checksum $581C
hrsndu17.100  checksum $E12D
hrsndu21.100  checksum $38F4
hrsndu36.100  checksum $1B54
hrsndu37.100  checksum $D720

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