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Indianapolis 500 L-2

       Version 1.1
       Date: November 1, 1995

Changes from revison 1.0:

        Removed German Price Fixing, and updated Belgium Coinage tables.

        After a player finished entering his/her initials
        for a Pit Champion high score, the record time would
        be displayed incorrectly at the end of the effect.
        Nothing else was affected.

        If the game was re-started while a ball was held
        in the pit stop diverter, the diverter would remain
        open until ball search.

        When installing pre-sets "EASY" or "EXTRA HARD" the
        word "INSTALLED" would not appear.

Version 1.0 Date: August 4, 1995 This is the release of software for production. This version uses sound revision 1.0: Changes from revison 0.8: Corrected an error in the replay system to made it impossible to adjust Replay Boost to OFF. In the diagnostic test menu, the coindoor G.I. string was incorrectly stated to be in the WHT-GRN string. It now correctly states the WHT-VIO string. The 10-point switch located at the jet bumper arena exit did not score any points; now it does.

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