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Indiana Jones L-7

U6: Version L-7
Date: November 22, 1993
Changes from revision L-6:

  • Added a delay on switching the mini-playfield motor direction to help keep the motor from fatiguing.
  • Lengthened the firing time on the Path of Adventure up/down post coil.
  • Lengthened the firing time on the underplayfield trough post coil.

  • U6: Version L-6
    Date: October 13, 1993
    Changes from revision L-5:

  • Latest sound version is L-3. (U2 checksum: 8F00)
  • Updated pricing modes to enable $1.00 play.
  • Fixed a problem in the "complete all modes" that could cause the mini playfield shots to not be collectable.
  • The Gun Trigger would not allow buy-in if player tilted on the last ball. (NOTE: The Gun Trigger does not normally cause buy-in; it must be set that way by adjustment.)
  • Drop targets are no longer cycled when the coin door is open. This prevents them from being marked bad because the interlock switch is open.
  • Fixed the third pass of Choose Wisely, which moved very slowly.

  • U6: Version L-5
    Date: September 2, 1993
    Changes from revision L-4:

  • This version allows use of French Text. (A.2 21 Language can now be set to French.)

  • U6: Version L-4
    Date: August 3, 1993
    Changes from revision L-3:

  • This version of software MUST be used with version L-2 (or later) of the sound software. (U2 checksum: 9900)
  • Enhanced ball search on the popper.

  • U6: Version L-3
    Date: July 22, 1993
    Changes from revision L-2:

  • Changed plane sounds on the hurry up mode.
  • Changed logic on the diverter after jackpot collected.

  • U6: Version L-2
    Date: July 17, 1993
    Changes from revision L-1:

  • Slowed down the blink rate on the buy-in button lamp.

  • U6: Version L-1
    Date: July 16, 1993
    Changes from revision P-4:

  • Initial release to production.
  • Added some light shows.

  • U6: Version P-4
    Date: July 13, 1993
    Changes from revision P-3:

  • Added buy-in.
  • Added a bunch of adjustments.
  • Added translations.
  • Added light shows and effects.
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