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Johnny Mnemonic 1.2

       Version 1.2
       Date: October 31, 1995

       This version works with sound revision 1.0.

Changes from revision 1.1:

        Corrected an erroneous error report on hand detected during burn-in.

        Increased hand popper kick strength slightly for use when
        hand is broken.

        Made the matrix award relative position more random.

        Incorporated new Tournament Mode code fixes.

Version 1.1 Date: October 2, 1995 This version works with sound revision 1.0. Changes from revision 1.0: The text "TO ADVANCE YAKUZA" and "POWER MASTER" now fits the display in all languages. Added a ball search delay at the end of Powerdown during the "YOU ARE THE MASTER" speech.
Version 1.0 Date: October 2, 1995 This is the release of software for production. This version requires sound revision 1.0: Changes from revision 0.4: Added a cyberspace multiball lamp effect. Fixed a condition where the left diverter did not always open following a ball plunge into the jets. Fixed a condition where following the first Cyberspace Multiball, the hand popper shot call arrow would be lit for no reason. Changed the throwing spikes to carry from ball-to-ball until they are completed the first time. Can now cancel buy-in on the launch button. Added a game over lamp effect. Corrected a display error where at game over with multiple players, a portion of the final player up's score would be partially wiped away. Added (non Tournament) hand cabinet button cheat codes. Changed touch tone multiball jackpot rules to be worth the effort of making the shots. Now the hand is moved to the back during game over to improve the chances of the hand being in an optimal position for shipment. If we determine the hand to be broken, and we are trying to clear the hand popper (except in multiball) the diverter is opened to give the ball additional room to exit. Fixed a condition where the game over music would terminate prematurely. Improved flaky ball-in-hand switch behavior. Changed hand popper behavior to switch to a soft kick after failing to clear, when the hand is not marked bad.
Version 0.4 Date: August 25, 1995 This is the release of software for production of sample games.

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