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Monopoly CPU and Display BIOS / Eprom Chips

STERN MONOPOLY PINBALL                               25 July 2006

CPU Release           3.20
Date                  July 25, 2006
moncpu.320            Checksum $07FF

Changes from CPU v3.03

- Fixed crash when Free Money mode ran with a broken Bank door sensor
- Slight improvements to Chance saucer eject
- Fixed display effect for Railroad count
- Multiple display improvements to Electric Company display
- Fixed Chance to avoid awards that can't apply to player
- Multiple improvements to Waterworks driver code
- Improved autoplunger kick code
- Fixed bonus X advance off inlanes when bonus was at 5X
- Fixed scoring on cop target when multiball interrupts Board Chase
- Fixed Special to show Extra Ball correctly if the operator has
  adjusted special to give out Extra Ball instead of a credit or score
- Fixed stray flasher in game over lamp effect

Date                  June 18, 2002
moncpu.303            checksum $5EFF


Changes from CPU v3.02

- Slight fix to switch scanning on bill validators to handle switches
  correctly when balls are missing from the game.

moncpu.302   checksum $5EFF

- Changed waterworks driver to always run the motor in a counter-clockwise
  direction.  This should help games that can't lift the ball out of the
  hole when the flipper rotates clockwise.
- Game will detect a blown F21 fuse correctly and display an operator warning
- Fixed HSTD resets to show proper tokens on 10-letter HSTD initials
- Fixed Land Grab bug where specials were awarding on the outlanes and
  rotating on the slingshots during the collection and total phase.

Display Release       3.01
Date                  January 29, 2002

Display ROM
mondsp-a.301 checksum $A381
mondsp-f.301 checksum $10F3
mondsp-g.301 checksum $CAA9
mondsp-i.301 checksum $0F57
mondsp-s.301 checksum $F560

CPU Release           3.01
Date                  January 29, 2002

moncpu.301   checksum $63FF


- Fixed coinage tables for Euro coinage
- Player can choose a token in high score to date (HSTD) entry
- Fixed A-B-C inlane lamps and award effects
- Fixed bug where waterworks flipper would sometimes freeze
- Fixed chance to only light one special on Advance to Boardwalk
- Added quick ball saver when waterworks throws the ball out
  the left outlane
- Restored missing BALL SAVED messages and speech
- Fixed ball search at game over to disable flipper buttons
- Changed broken coil messages to be consistant with manual
- Added some speech to token race
- Fixed extra ball show when replay is set to EB
- Improved coil drivers for bank to prevent coil and fuse F21
  from overheating
- Fixed credit handlers to be friendly to a $5 bill acceptor.
- Fixed bug where installing Home installed tournament settings.
- Fixed stray lamp glitch on ROLL AND COLLECT lamp
- Fixed some glitches in HSTD entry sounds

CPU Release           2.51
Date                  November 13, 2001

moncpu.251   checksum $42FF

- Fixed Tilt handling in Land Grab
- Fixed Breakout and Ripoff Multiball score displays.
- Improved broken dice eject and lockup detection and handling.
- Fixed hotel display in Land Grab
- Improved speech during Match
- Improved ball search to jiggle Cop target
- Fixed interaction between Chance and the quick multiballs.

CPU Release           2.50
Date                  November 8, 2001

moncpu.250   checksum $75FF

- New dispatch edge routines should help do a better job
  of knowing which edge they are really on and help fix
  the missing coin problem.

- Stopped ball lock and dice eject fail messages if the door
  is open.  The device is probably working, just powered off!

- Fixed tilt handlers to correctly handle tilts when bonus
  is underway.  Music would improperly update and tilt would
  hang forever if a ball was in the lock.                      *

CPU Release           2.41
Date                  October 29, 2001

moncpu.241   checksum $9EFF

- Fixed gaff problem in left outlane
- Entering initials show on LED also

CPU Release           2.40
Date                  October 25, 2001

moncpu.240   checksum $E1FF

- Fixed coin switch debouncing to prevent coins from being missed.
- Custom message now also shows up on Electric Company sign.
- Fixed Free Parking multiball jackpot to score correctly
- Fixed dice roll display on LEDs to match display.
- Fixed player carryover problems with Land Grab Bonus
- Fixed plunger to kick ball away at multiball start.
- Fixed property count for post-Land Grab play
- Fixed "award all players" card scoring in Chance.
- Changed Land Grab to move player to next unfilled property instead
  of just the next property when the right ramp is made.
- Fixed bug in A-B-C carryover between players
- Fixed rare crash in dice roll eject lane.
- Improved waterworks flipper compensation code
- Improved ball search to prevent ball from getting stuck behind
  bank door at the start of a ball.

Display Release       2.06
Date                  October 19, 2001

Display ROM
mondsp-a.206 checksum $91F7
mondsp-f.206 checksum $9874
mondsp-g.206 checksum $B31E
mondsp-i.206 checksum $52FF
mondsp-s.206 checksum $E775

* added correct release version

Display Release       2.05
Date                  October 18, 2001

Display ROM
mondsp-f.205 checksum $9871
mondsp-g.205 checksum $B31B
mondsp-i.205 checksum $52FC
mondsp-a.205 checksum $91F4
mondsp-s.205 checksum $E772

* Added Spanish text

* Fixed text in german coil list

* Custom pricing bug fixed that wouldn't show custom pricing adjustments

* Land Grab Bonus added

Software Release      2.36
Date                  October 12, 2001

moncpu.236   checksum $ECFF

* Improved performance of waterworks motor
  when the gearbox is not performing to
  factory specifications.

Software Release      2.33
Date                  October 11, 2001

moncpu.233   checksum $DAFF

* Improved waterworks flipper action

* Fixed dice eject kickout handling

* Fixed crash when player hits three
  of-a-kind in Free Money mode

* Fixed team player scoring in attract

* Improved tilt handling

* Fixed crash when difficulty set to HARD

* Added community chest rule

* Special awards 500K points now

* Added selftest at powerup for lockup  
  and dice eject

* Restored missing Special lamp in land grab

* Adjusted cash grab scoring to be more in
  line with game scoring

* Improved tournament rules 

Display ROM
mondsp-a.203 checksum $7CFC
mondsp-i.203 checksum $55D7
mondsp-g.203 checksum $CD97
mondsp-f.203 checksum $D748

* fixed team scoring display in attract
* took token out of high score table 
  (it will be back)

Software Release      2.20
Date                  October 2, 2001

moncpu.220   checksum $33FF

* Choreogropy of lightshows, f/x

* Chance bug fixed that correctly returns balls back into play

* Land Grag bug fixed that caused the flippers to temp. lock up

* Fixed bug in railroad multiball when started from Chance
* other minor tweaks

Display ROM
mondsp-a.202 checksum $8358
mondsp-i.202 checksum $4D5A
mondsp-g.202 checksum $C88E
mondsp-f.202 checksum $DD8E

* minor tweaks, diagnostic mini-menu bugs in Dr. Pinball

Software Release      2.03
Date                  September 17, 2001

moncpu.203   checksum $C4FF

* New default replay %, match %, starting replay level

* replay bug fixed that cleared audit when viewing replay adjustment

* added flipper motor speed adjustment based upon country

* fixed Land Grab variable/flag that wasn't cleared at game start

* added phone support

Display ROM
mondsp-a.200 checksum $BF3A
mondsp-f.200 checksum $EEF7
mondsp-g.200 checksum $C153
mondsp-i.200 checksum $xxxx

* removed some accents in diagnostics, shortened some text to fit on screen

* added phone support

Software Release      1.10
Date                  September 12, 2001

moncpu.110   checksum $0BFF

Display ROM
mondsp-a.110 checksum $F526
mondsp-f.110 checksum $53E0
mondsp-g.110 checksum $2D8F
mondsp-i.110 checksum $DC3F

Sound ROM's
mnsndu7.100  checksum $8C18
mnsndu17.100 checksum $35E6
mnsndu21.100 checksum $B35A
mnsndu36.100 checksum $8A9F

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