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No Good Gofers Revision 1.3

Software Release - Rev 1.3
ROM date is: 04/06/98

Changes from Version 1.2:

  • - Improved ball search and missing ball compensation.
  • - Improved Hole-in-One Challenge interaction with Ripoff and Pop-A-Gofer.
  • - Some display and speech improvements.

  • Software Release - Rev 1.2
    ROM date is: 02/16/98

  • This G11 works with all shipped versions of the sound ROMs. No update is necessary from version 1.0 sound ROMs.
  • Changes from version 1.0:

  • - Added new adjustment A2.32 (KICK DOWN MIDDLE). This adjustment (defaults to NO) turns off the kick from the Putting Green down towards the flippers. The kick will still happen at the start of Mulitball, but all other arrivals will be passed to the jet bumpers. Setting this to YES reverts to the original action.
  • - Improved switch handling for the Golf Cart toy.
  • - Changed rules slightly to light the Slam Ramp for one shot when a gofer is whacked.
  • - Changed Golf Stroke rules. Every hole starts at 7, the count drops by hitting gofer, making a drive shot, or putting out.
  • - Fixed a bug in status report.
  • - Some lamp and display glitches fixed.
  • - Improved kickback coil fire timing.
  • - Speech has been made a little more player-friendly.

  • Software Release - Rev 1.0
    ROM date is: 12/01/97

  • This G11 works with all shipped versions of the sound ROMs.
  • Changes from version 0.5:

  • - Added German, French and Spanish translations
  • - Fixed german default pricing
  • - Fixed broken Time per Credit bookkeeping entry.
  • - Tournament mode rules adjusted.
  • - Many new lamp and display improvements.
  • - Improved broken switch and gofer compensation.
  • - Some speech improvements.
  • - Added Gofer test and Ordered Lamp test
  • - Added Hole-in-One and Daily Champions
  • - Fixed bug in Super Drive.
  • - Added difficulty preset adjustments
  • - Fixed ramp count bug on 5th multiball wave.
  • - Fixed a bug that prevented Hole in One challenge from starting off a true hole-in-one.
  • - More support for burn-in testing
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