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Roadshow Revision L-6

U6: Version L-6 Date: October 11, 1995

Changes from revision L-5:

  • Fixed XX bonus display.
  • Fixed display bug in New Orleans mode. It was displaying the incorrect score value for the next shot.
  • Fixed a bug in Super Payday where the wrong city and score was awarded. This bug only showed up on multi-player games.
  • Added adjustment for the shaker motor (default=NORMAL) Values are NORMAL, SOFT, and OFF
  • Added adjustment to allow buyins once a player has reached the West Coast (default=OFF).
  • Fixed blinking lamp in blast zone from 2x Atlanta blast. The lamp was being left on.
  • Fixed ALL TARGETS SCORE 16,xxx,xxx display bug in Super Payday introduction screen.
  • Added jackpot compensation for broken Red mouth switch.
  • Multiball restart timer is now paused while ball is in the lockup. (e.g. for Extra Ball display effect)
  • Enhanced the handling of the proximity switches in front of Ted and Red. They are now better debounced in case they are intermittent.
  • Added special code to limit the amount of time the Red and Ted eyelids are activated to prevent the coils from overheating.

  • U6: Version L-5 Date: December 15, 1994

    Changes from revision L-4:

  • Fixed a few French translations.
  • Changed Special and Replay % for France. Turned on Match for France.
  • With TOURNAMENT set to YES, the souvenirs are awarded in order instead of randomly.
  • Shut "Red" up when the wheel isn't lit on a bridge-out.
  • Fixed the Spinner value. It was not ever being initialized, so that it would carry over from ball to ball and game to game.
  • Fixed a small display glitch in the Nashville award.
  • Fixed a TILT problem with Flying Rocks. It was possible to restart start Flying Rocks after a TILT.
  • Changed to only 1 replay level for Germany.
  • Accumulated bonus credit fractions are cleared at the end of ball, unless coins have been inserted recently.
  • After 9 minutes of idle time, any credit fractions less than 1/2 are cleared.

  • U6: Version L-4 Date: October 26, 1994

    Changes from revision L-3:

  • Fixed the adjustment STARTING DAY. If it was set to anything but MONDAY, it would score and make a sound at game start.
  • Fixed the Special award. It was awarding a special from either lane if either lamp was lit.
  • Changed default BALL SAVE TIME to ON.
  • Added 26 score levels to the spinner scoring so that it doesn't MAX as fast.
  • If LONGER PATH was set to OFF, there was a possibility of the first city being Atlanta. It has been fixed to allow only New York City or Miami.
  • Put in French translations.
  • Fixed up some effects.
  • Changed it so you can now go to MIAMI from the west coast.
  • Put SPAIN 2 and coin meter into Spanish preset.
  • Fixed a problem with Super Payday. It was sometimes fetching an incorrect award and displaying "HOULTON 0,000,000".
  • Fixed display and speech in Atlanta. If the player aborted the instructions and quickly made the blast zone shot, the display would behave incorrectly.

  • U6: Version L-3 Date: October 12, 1994

    Changes from revision L-2:

  • Added the last of the German translations. This also fixes 2 phrases which were too long to fit on the screen in the Albuquerque effect.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes the "select a souvenir" computer noise was not getting killed.

  • U6: Version L-2 Date: October 10, 1994

    Changes from revision L-1:

  • Fixed a serious bug in the exploding font effect. When jumpered for Germany, which causes periods to be exploded, some games would crash.

  • U6: Version L-1 Date: October 7, 1994
  • Initial release to production.
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