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The Shadow L-6

       Version LX-6
       Date: May 11, 1995

       The export version supersedes all A ROMs.

Changes from revision L-5:

       Fixed adjustment A.1 07 Replay Start.  It now correctly adjusts
       in the range 10 million to 900 million.

Version LX-5 Date: May 1, 1995 The export version supersedes all A ROMs. Changes from revision L-4: Fixed the jackpot lights being stuck on from collecting a Khan super jackpot during the grace period. Fixed the 5x6 font used in the skill shot screen. The number "7" showed up as a "6". Fixed a glitch in the enter initials screen. Fixed buy-in cancel to require both flippers to be hit. Farley mode can now score more than 99 million. Playing the same mode twice in one ball now allows the scores to be added together. Tilting now cancels multiball autofire.
Version L-4 Date: February 1, 1995 Changes from revision L-3: Mini playfield no longer gets marked bad when a ball enters the ball popper during ball search. Ball search now jiggles the mini playfield kicker.
Version L-3 Date: January 25, 1995 Changes from revision L-2: Enhanced the broken gun trigger compensation logic. Fixed a few display effect text glitches. Added a grace period to Khan super jackpot. Closing coin door (and activating interlock switch) now causes the ball shooter to fire if a ball is resting on it.
Version L-2 Date: December 6, 1994 Changes from revision L-1: Changed German buy-in pricing. Changed German preset to 1 replay level. (Was 2.) Enhanced ball shooter and ball save logic.
Version L-1 Date: December 1, 1994 Initial release to production.

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