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Who Dunnit 1.2

       Version 1.2
       Date: May 8, 1996

Changes from revision 1.1:

        Enabled French language text.

        Fixed the Ball Saves adjustment so that ball saves can be turned off.

        Eliminated spurious autoplunger firing at power up.

        Extended buy-in timer if money is inserted at the end of the timer.

Version 1.1 Date: April 8, 1996 Changes from revision 1.0: This version works for both German and English speech. (Separate sound ROMs are necessary.) Midnight Madness champion is not shown if tournament mode is ON. On some games, the autoplunger would kick one or two times at powerup. This has been fixed. Ball search kicks out the staged ball on third pass or during game over. Novice mode auditting corrected to fix the ball time audit. Reduced the duty cycle on the autofire lamp, to extend the life of the flasher. Enter initials display sometimes did not show the alphabet at the bottom of the screen. This has been fixed. Max multiball jackpot boosted to 500 million. Up/down 3-bank now resets correctly. Improved response time on spinner scoring. Suppressed ball search during staged ball initialization. (A message is displayed if Start is pressed during this time.)
Version 1.0 Date: November 10, 1995 This is the release of software for production. Version 1.0G uses sound ROM verison 2.0, this has German speech: All other versions use sound ROM version 1.0: Changes from revision 0.6: Extra ball will never show up in the center slot machine if if extra balls are turned off. Added sounds to the sound test. Made TAXI skill shot never go backwards. The sewer speech is longer stepped on by other sounds. If a ball drains out the right side lit for FREE SPIN and AUTOFIRE is active; the ball will no longer return to play prematurely. If someone activates 3D mode it will now go off at GAME OVER. The jackpot maxes at 250 million now. The game will no longer try to stage a ball during THE ROOF. Ball search now kicks in if the player pushes the start button and a ball is missing. If the player is flipping the flipper then the "LAUNCH BALL" message is postponed. Added French translations. Removed extra speech call when a player moves into 4th place after losing at roulette. Slot reels are not as sensitive giving an error message.
Version 0.6 Date: November 1, 1995 Changes since revision 0.4: No more bets of 0 million with a broken spinner. Jackpots are now equalized in Tournament Mode. Fixed a text wrapping problem in Interrogate Suspect display. Added German translations.
Version 0.4 Date: November 1, 1995 This is the first release of software for production of sample games.

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