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Funhouse L-2 (Special Sound) and L-9 (Game)

U6: Version L-9
Checksum: 3809
Date: December 11, 1992

NOTE: This game ROM requires a 2Meg EPROM.  To use a 2Meg EPROM in your game, make sure that your CPU board is jumpered correctly as follows:

  W1 - in
  W2 - out

 This ROM version works best with a modified L-2 sound ROM.
 The sound ROM checksums are as follows:

 U14 (L-2):  E58A
 U15 (L-2):  5E0A
 U18 (modified L-2): BA0A

NOTE: It is NOT necessary to upgrade U18 in order to use the L-9 game ROM.  This modified sound ROM, in conjunction with the L-9 game ROM, provides an enhanced light show for the 'enter initials' display.

Changes from Funhouse ROM L3 to L9

Funhouse Special Sound ROM L-2

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