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Terminator 2 Profanity ROMs

The Terminator 2 "profanity" ROMs consist of a sound ROM, and special game ROM chip. Both are early prototype revisions of the software, and are unofficial versions, not officially released or supported by Williams.

The profanity ROM chips have an option in the Game Adjustments menu, in the game's Adjustments mode. The option to enable the profanity is "PROFANITY", and has an "ON/OFF" option. Set this to "ON". The profanity will then be enabled.

The profanity consists of the words/phrase "f**k you a**hole", as taken from the original Terminator movie. The profanity can be "awarded" by shooting the ball into the Database kickout hole, when it is lit. The list of random awards that are displayed on the display at that time will occasionally (randomly) offer the profanity as an "award". If the game picks the profanity as your Database award, then you will hear Arnold say it, and it will be displayed on the display at the same time in big letters.

To light the Database shot, you have to knock down the single drop target under the skull.

It is rumoured that using the profanity ROM chips requires revision L-3 of the U18 sound ROM, but this is as yet unconfirmed. If you don't have revision L-3 of the sound ROM in your game, and are not able to get the profanity to work, then you may need L-3 sound.

Note that these profanity ROMs are not public-release software from Williams, but rather experimental custom ROMs that were developed when the game was in it's prototype stage. So they are essentially prototype software.
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