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Addams Family Gold LX-3 ROM Details

Addams Family Gold Pinball		Software Revision Information

U6:	Version LX-3
	Date: October 4, 1994

Changes from revision LX-2:

	Fixed a display bug that occurred under the following conditions:
	- Player completes the mansion.
	- The previous mansion room contained one of Cousin It's items.
	In this case, the display would show that Cousin It's Hideout
	was awarded on every mansion room completed during Tour the Mansion.
	(It was only awarded once.  Just the display was incorrect.)

	Fixed a glitch in the Tour the Mansion display effect.

	When the 3 million mansion room awards Pugsley's and Wednesday's
	trap door, it now always picks an unlit room to award.  (Unless
	all the rooms are already lit.)

	Bad switch reporting deactivated on the buy-in button.

U6:	Version LX-2
	Date: April 12, 1994

Changes from revision LX-1:

	Fixed a problem with 3 or 4 player games.  If the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th
	player canceled buy-in, the game would reset.

U6:	Version LX-1
	Date: April 7, 1994

Initial release to production.

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