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System 9 ROM Information and Upgrades

Pinball Software Version Information

System 9 games have the software revision identified with an "L" to signify the Level of software release. To see what version your game is running, set your test switch to AUTO/UP and press ADVANCE while in Game Over mode. You will see "2GGG" in the player 1 display, where GGG is the game number. The player 2 display will show the number of the installed game revision.

Sound/Speech ROMs

All Sound and Speech ROMs for the System 9 games are included with the game ROM file. Not all games use all chips, and the chip size varies per game.

Click Here for a list of System 9 Checksums

Revision L-4 game ROM.

Revision L-1 game ROM.

Space Shuttle
Revision L-7 game ROM.

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